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Sports not an end, Education is key- Onyali charges students

  • I got my university degree through academic sport scholarship
  • Sport is a means to an end, Education is the key
  • Education is number one
Chief Mrs. Mary Onyali (MFR) during her speech at Excellent Grade Inter-house Sports on the 10th March 2018

Mrs. Mary Oyali, Nigeria’s and Africa’s number one track and field athlete has encouraged students who are talented in sports to ensure to carry their education together. Speaking as the special guest of Honour at the 8th annual inter-house sports of the Excellent Grade International School Kubwa, Abuja, the sports queen stressed that Sports is the means to an end, but education is the key

According to the Olympics gold medalist she love the credits, praises and laurels she gets each time she in using her athletic talent.

I am standing in front of you today as one of you. I am a product like every one of you here because I started my own sporting career at a tender age of six and developed the interest in running because I love the credits and the kudos and laurels I get when I win just as all of you are going to get your credit today.

Chief Mrs Mary Onyali with the Mobile Police officer receiving salutes from the houses during the match pass

It started as fun, and it metamorphosed into a career along the way. I did not forget a very important aspect of my life which is Education.

Onyali advised that whatever performance undertaken by the students as long as sport is concern they should not never forget that Education is number one. She said sports and education are the reason she is where she has reached today.

I got my university degree through academic sport scholarship. For four years my parent didn’t have to pay a dime for me to get educated. That is the benefit of being a sport man or woman, always carry your academics together with your sporting talent.

Mary Onyali swearing in the officials for the EGIS 2018 Inter-house Sports Grand Finale Saturday 10 March 2018- photo by Crystal Education Media

So what I want to leave with you today is that no matter what you want to be in life, stay discipline, stay determine, and stay dedicated to whatever it is you choose to do. Sport is a means to an end, Education is the key. Thank you. She concluded in her speech.


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