Piracy: Let’s pay solidarity to authors … Publishers Urges

The Nigerian Publishers Association has cried out to the public and stake holders, especially teachers and school owner to pay solidarity to authors by buying original books directly from the Publishers. Mr. Innocent Agbanu the chairman of Nigerian Publishers Association Abuja Chapter made this call while speaking on the 23rd edition of the Education Resource Center (ERC) Book Fair held last year.

Innocent who is also the zonal manager University Press in the FCT pointed that the place of piracy in Nigeria is very big. He urged teachers to consider that it could be their book that would be pirated tomorrow if they fail to join hands in the fight.

According to him, as a chapter in FCT they are doing what they can to check the practice. “I know we cannot cut it out totally, but we are trying to do book followership with parents with the cooperation of schools for supervision and Educational Resource Center for implementation.” Mr. Agbanu to Crystal Education Media

He revealed that it is quiet challenge to can sustain the copy right, and teacher should put themselves in the author’s shoes. If they aid these people pirating these books today, some day it could their book that will be pirated.

“You should know that it could be you. Then how would you feel if at the end of the day people don’t buy your book? Your book is used nationwide but what you get as royalty is very small compared to the pirates. At least let’s just pay solidarity and see how we can help the authors and their work.” He said in a chat with Crystal Education Media at the Book Fair shortly after the publisher meeting with the organizers of the fair.

He also appreciated that Nigeria has grown digitally and one can hardly differentiate between original and pirated books. Thus they are trying to do to cut piracy by paying visits to schools and see what they are using in terms of curriculum compliance and how they got the books.

They are also planning a workshop in collaboration with the Education Resource Center to bring school owners and principals together and educate them on the dangers of indulging in piracy and what the FCT is trying to do in terms of strict monitoring and penalty for defaulters.

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