NO RUSH NO PUSH: NAPPS Move to Stop Double Promotion calls for Government partnership

by Lucien Christana

The National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, NAPPS Kubwa Chapter has initiated a move to stop the mad rush of skipping classes and pushing amateurs to the next level of academics. The NO RUSH NO PUSH campaign was extensively debated on late last year during their meeting held in Kubwa, Abuja.


Speaking on the outcome of the meeting Mrs. Juliana Usman, of the Pinky and the Brians School Duste, pointed that it is pertinent to allow children to mature before going to the next level academically. According to her some students are very intelligent but one cannot use that intelligence to rate them. “…If they are not mature, they can’t hold themselves and it becomes a problem.” She said pointing that she had faced similar situation with her son and she paid dearly for it.



“I keep telling parents who care to listen, that they should allow their children to mature, say ten to eleven years before they go to the next level (the junior secondary school.)”

She also spoke to crystal education media of a little girl in JSS1 who the effect is playing out on. “She cannot even be herself, she is just like a baby and the mother now wants to take her to a boarding house.” She decried.

The association also decried the over bearing burden of multiple taxation levied on private school operators, especially by the Bwari Area council. A situation Juliana said they are just pushing to overcome. She however encouraged school proprietors to fix their eyes on their goals and not allow anything to deter them.

“They should know that for every private business to strive, particularly the educational sector, they don’t have to push us this far. For this reason many schools have to drop, because they cannot cope. If they want private busineses to grow, they should be fair and let’s be partners in progress so that, the Nigeria child can have all-round education which they deserve.” She said in a chat with Crystal education media shortly after the meeting.

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