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Much Ado on Phonics, Diction and Elocution: My thoughts

There is much ado to this quest to get our kids to learn this second (English; the most unstable language in the world) in our Nigerian schools, especially in the private schools. We are losing the real content of education to this factor. Today we have kid with amazing English ascents without understanding.

My Findings

Most times the students are carried away with *this is the right pronunciation and that is wrong*. They end up not learning the lesson as taught by the teachers of other subjects which have little or no correlation with sounding the words right or wrong as look as the knowledge of subjects is passed on. For heaven sakes what has speaking phonics got to do the understanding of Science, Agriculture, Technology and the rest?

The effects

I have notice with disappointment how this little ones and even the grown-ups at the secondary and even the tertiary level make jest of their sound Mathematics, Basic Science and Tech. Chemistry and Government teachers during classes and miss out in the learning process. Little wonder why they come back home with our teacher said

My reasoning

As a country and nation builders (teachers and school owners) must build the right cultural values.

Education should be content and value based. Less attention must be given to superficial things like phonics and diction. I am a media person, I teach and I lecture as well as run students mentoring program. The sad news is that education in this part of the world is now cosmetic rather than major surgery.

Our graduates are speech sound, knowledge empty and application lost. In a world run by encyclopedia of youths rich in both knowledge and application, where will our children who are mere speakers, poor writers and empty reasoning stand?

While I admonish our contemporary teacher to up their games, it is import for us to learn to be proud of our ascent. The German, Indians, Arabians (to capture a few) are not caught in this web as we are here. No wonder we are always the market where they make money with their experimental products while the well informed and educated western world make do with the advanced and healthy products. How sad.

While I am not against this phonics and diction madness, the handlers must be charged to warn the students not take the knowledge of phonics and diction as intelligence.

I can’t put all my heart worries on this sad development in one piece. However, we at Crystal Education Media will not relent in our campaign towards enshrining home-content based education.

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