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Mahatma Gandhi: India Gives Gandhi Yearlong 150th birth anniversary

The Indian high commission Abuja Nigeria commenced a one yearlong Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary on October 2 2018. The event which is to run through till 2nd October 2019 began with a drawing competition amongst students from selected schools. The competition which took place earlier at the high commission premises had pupils and students from Gratem Montessori School Kubwa, Pace Setters International School, Oak land International British School, Maitama, Brainy Ville International School, Nigeria Turkish International College (NTIC), AISA American International School, Aduvie International School and Progress Dynamic International School participate in the context.

An exhibition of the paintings from the competition took place shortly after the winners were announced at the October 2nd 2018 event.   Pace Setter’s Miss Vera Atuanya (SSS 3) emerged overall first while Aduvie’s Miss Noma Iwuchukwu (SSS 2) was second for the senior secondary category.

Pace Setter’s Miss Vera Atuanya

“..As a preload celebration we had our open painting competition for children. We invited local schools from Nigeria so that they could come and do paintings. They painted something they wished about Mahatma Gandhi. Simultaneously we had essay writing competition, speeches and poem recitation and those who won were given prizes on the 2nd of October 2018, the day we had organized a big function from the series of events that will take place here in the high commission” Sub Hash, the India deputy high commissioner to Nigeria told Crystal Education Media.

Aduvie’s Miss Noma Iwuchukwu

Speaking on the freedom fighter, he pointed that Mahatma Gandhi who was born in the year 1869 led a peaceful protest in India and South Africa with the intention to guide and gain independent. Subhash lauded Mahatma Gandhi’s deeds down to his philosophy during his life time.

“… we don’t have ammunition we don’t have guns but we have our bodies and if we are unarmed, if someone hit us once or twice and we don’t heat back he will ultimately go away or leave us alone, or he will ask what do you want, you are not fighting back? This is Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy. Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the Indian nation. He was the one who led the freedom struggles even in South Africa and won us freedom in 1947 from the British rule. He was not fighting for independent to get any position for himself, he did not occupy any position of power and he was a mentor who just wanted to guide and not to get any power, ultimately for his will and religion tolerance and for the integrity of the country. He paid the ultimate sacrifice when he was shot dead by one of those who did not agree with his way of thinking” He said as he eulogized the legend.

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