INTROVERT STRUGGLE: How I Got my Confidence

by Ukpe Blessing

Growing up as a child, I happened to be an INTROVERT, a very shy person amongst my peers in school, home and even with my siblings. I can remember back then in my primary school days, (primary 5 to be precise) my English teacher, Mrs. Grace Balogun who was like a mother to me discovered my weakness and helped build me up positively.

During our price giving day, I was appointed by Mrs. Balogun to read a presentation, knowing fully well that I am an introvert and had phobia for crowd, she insisted I do it. This was a big challenge for me. Indeed I had to fight with my CONFIDENCE and FEAR. Then came the moment for the speech to be deliver to the crowd, something funny happened to me. Can you take a guess? I started shivering and began to run temperature. I felt deeply pressed (almost peeing on my pant); all in the name of STAGE FRIGHT.

How will my peers react if I make a mistake while reading? Where will my eyes focus? Where are the friendly faces seated? All these questions keep ringing in my head as my body lost grip and coordination. Right then my English teacher was handy. She noticed my discomfort, walked up to me and whispered “You can do it, I believe in you, just focus on me while reading the presentation”. These built up my courage and boldness immediately and as my name was called out for the presentation, I managed to control my step as I reached for the podium. After all the protocols, I struggled in search of Grace, just as she had instructed. I maintained firm focus on her as she kept smiling while I read. My confident remained unshakeable, I kept reading till the end of it all.

I was amazed when the crowd greeted my presentation with a standing ovation. Hmm! At last, my FEAR and STAGE FRIGHT were buried that day.

And to every children out there facing similar challenge with their peers, I can now boldly say

Kill every spirit of doubt in you.

Always see yourself above and not beneath.

Always say to yourself “I am unbeatable by anyone”.

Always speak out when and where necessary.

With all these, you can overcome your FEAR in life. Just as I did, I know you will…You can be outstanding.

Conquer all fears and challenges that come your way. Fight it now!

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