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Gratem Wacky Day: Borrowed from American curriculum

  • Wacky a root from the America curriculum
  • Fun a means for better assimilation and disposing of stress and sorrow-Head Teacher




Gratem displaying the wacky style

Gratem Montessori School Kubwa, Abuja, observed her Wacky day event on the 16TH May 2018. According to the head of school, Mr,Kanmi Odukale,  it was a time to have fun with loved ones and dress in an odd manner. He opined also that the event was  a means of impacting knowledge into the students for easy assimilation.

…The wacky day event is a time to dress in an odd manner and to do something funny. It is also a way to impact knowledge into the children. Because children learn better when they see, interact and have fun while learning”. He said shortly after the event in an interview with Crystal Education Media.

Mr. Odukale further added that the event has a root from the America curriculum. He emphasized that wacky can be observed by any group, be it family, colleagues, school mates etc. However he noted that Wacky has no specific date laid aside for it to be observed.

Wacky match time dab.

“…Wacky Wednesday is actually from the American curriculum. It could be done with family, playing games and cracking jokes .

Wacky does not apply to schools alone, it can be observed at work place, with friends and anywhere.

On why the School observes Wacky day, he said,

We teach the children in a funny way because when they learn in a relaxed atmosphere the better the brain assimilate. So we decided to teach in a funny manner, where stress and sorrows are taken away” he added.

The event which was hilarious and entertaining had all students, pupils, including teachers  participating as a family as they promise it would be better in the next edition.

“My advice to others is, have fun, learning shouldn’t be boring and every school should find ways to have fun in the course of learning. This is our first time and we are believing God that it won’t be the last” he said.

Pupils on Wacky outfit


Teacher coordinating pupils to do the Wacky dance


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