Fashion Responsible for 75% sexual abuse

By Lucien Christiana

Fashion is popular trending style in feminine or masculine cloth, footwear, hairstyle, make-up, accessories, lifestyle and body. Fashion is so hard to put into words; it entails so many different aspects of everyday life. The meaning behind fashion is not a simple question to answer, what fashion means to one person is completely different to the next person. But if I have to choose words for fashion they could be imagination, creativity, expression and believe. Fashion to me means challenging myself to try new things with confidence in other to look my best and feel good.

Fashion is a way to introduce or express oneself without having said a word, it can be used to convey not only the perception we have about ourselves but also the image we want to portray. Fashion manifests itself in feelings; it has power to make one feel something and motivate one to discover his/her self. Fashion is full of seriousness, entertainment, playfulness, exhibition as well as concept of distraction.

As earlier said, fashion means different thing to different people, in order for it not to be misinterpreted, upset or cause distraction to others; it should be in line with the occasion the fashion it is meant for. Most time you see people imitating others, especially the young ones that have no idea on the effect of fashion. Do not imitate when you don’t know the right occasion for your so called fashion. In order not to discomfort others, especially arousing the men, that may lead to sexual abuse, we should be well educated on fashion.

However it is important to note that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. Young people who do not want to be sexually abuse should not dress to arouse sexual attention.

Finally I am pleading with the adult to help the society in the way they dress. Most times all in the name of fashion, the men are put in an uncontrollable situation and in absences of having the adults, they end up satisfying their urge by abusing the little ones, since they see same image of the adult in the children.

To curb this growing trend of sexual harassment we should always mind the way we dress knowing that fashion is responsible for 75% of sexual abuse. If the ladies always have this in mind our society will be safe for our young one

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