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Dyslexia Me: Why, why and why?… A story you must not miss

Dyslexia Me

by Michael Angley Ogwuche (watch out for his interview… in our print edition)


Dyslexia Me, why can’t I read as fast as others?

and even when I manage to read why can’t I comprehend like others?

Why does it take me so long?

Why can’t I take notes like my peers?

Dyslexia Me, for God’s sake I have many practical intelligence and 

I am a Preacher, but I am also dyslexic and dyscalculia.

Dear God, why didn’t you heal me?

God should have healed me, but He didn’t!

Still I am a believer.

Dyslexia Me

Why why and why?

Reverend Michael Angley Ogwuche


Reverend Michael Angley Ogwuche, presently a presbyter (Ordained Minister) working with the Methodist Church of Britain, lives in Southport. He hail from Okpokwu Local Government area of Benue State but was born in Abakpa Kaduna before the infamous Nigerian- Biafran civil war in Kaduna State

His full interview on the dyslexia factor coming in the print edition of our magazine later this month.

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