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Strive To Learn: Knowledge is inevitable

Strive To Learn: Knowledge is inevitable Knowledge is inevitable, Try ignorance and know better where you are today may not be relevant tomorrow, Take a step today That you may better your tomorrow,   Knowledge is inevitable Those who have gone some steps ahead have stories to tell How in thick and thin they have sought looks easy to tell, But with difficulty when being sought,   Knowledge is inevitable You only can give what you have, An empty mind now Could be frustrated for nothing sake If left fallow…

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Dyslexia Me: Why, why and why?… A story you must not miss

Dyslexia Me by Michael Angley Ogwuche (watch out for his interview… in our print edition)   Dyslexia Me, why can’t I read as fast as others? and even when I manage to read why can’t I comprehend like others? Why does it take me so long? Why can’t I take notes like my peers? Dyslexia Me, for God’s sake I have many practical intelligence and  I am a Preacher, but I am also dyslexic and dyscalculia. Dear God, why didn’t you heal me? God should have healed me, but He…

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Sports not an end, Education is key- Onyali charges students

I got my university degree through academic sport scholarship Sport is a means to an end, Education is the key Education is number one Mrs. Mary Oyali, Nigeria’s and Africa’s number one track and field athlete has encouraged students who are talented in sports to ensure to carry their education together. Speaking as the special guest of Honour at the 8th annual inter-house sports of the Excellent Grade International School Kubwa, Abuja, the sports queen stressed that Sports is the means to an end, but education is the key According…

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We have so many sycophants in Nigeria… Metro Principal

We have so many sycophants in Nigeria. People gather to celebrate and sympathize with stupidity on the platform of mediocrity. Mr. Gideon Ikebuasi  This statement was made while he was commenting on the Kaduna State governments’ action on teachers who failed primary four pupils exam. His opinion is that those who do not fit should be kicked out so our children can be sure of their future.

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