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Presbyterian Mission key to Coming of Western Education in the South East Nigeria

Rev. Nsa E. Eyo, the chaplain of the University of Calabar (UNICAL) Presbyterian Chapel of redemption. He was the former Principal of the Hope Waddell Training Institution, also the former secretary of the provisional education authority for about fifteen years. Schooled at the Presbyterian Primary School at Akon, and Bekwor at a time when there were more missionary schools (predominantly the Presbyterian Schools and few Catholic schools) than government schools in Calabar. He is an alumnus of Hope Waddell Training Institution. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the…

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Dyslexia me: Thought I was different and stupid

    Rev. Michael Ogwuche is dyslexic, yet an achiever. At the Dyslexia Conference organized by the Dyslexia Foundation late last year he spoke briefly on his life as a neuro-diverse human, we had him as a guest on our radio programme, Education TalkPoint on 93.9 Jordan FM and considered it necessary to feature him in a more comprehensive interview because his story is such that would inspire, educate and enlighten parents, students and teachers. Although he jetted back to his base, South-port a town in Britain, we were still…

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Dyslexia Me: Why, why and why?… A story you must not miss

Dyslexia Me by Michael Angley Ogwuche (watch out for his interview… in our print edition)   Dyslexia Me, why can’t I read as fast as others? and even when I manage to read why can’t I comprehend like others? Why does it take me so long? Why can’t I take notes like my peers? Dyslexia Me, for God’s sake I have many practical intelligence and  I am a Preacher, but I am also dyslexic and dyscalculia. Dear God, why didn’t you heal me? God should have healed me, but He…

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